Unveiling the Sonic Odyssey: DJ Frankie G’s ‘Closer’ Takes You on a Thrilling Musical Journey on the playlist.

With every step we take forward, our aspirations draw nearer to becoming reality. Illustrating this deep sentiment, the acclaimed DJ Frankie G reveals his most recent musical masterpiece titled “Closer.” Bringing together a diverse array of immensely talented artists, Frankie curates an impressive team to craft a variety of remixes. This lineup highlights the skills of AJ Funk, joined by the experienced talents from Homewerx: Alex Perez, Bashar, and the label’s innovative founder and co-owner, Sizzahandz. This collaborative effort culminates in a thrilling auditory voyage, certain to quicken your pulse and set your feet in motion. Delay no further – embark on your journey toward your ultimate goal and secure your personal copy without hesitation.


‘Closer’ from ‘The DJ Frankie G’ is now on the A-List playlist + will also be played as a special POWERPLAY at 4 PM SA time every afternoon for a month or more.