Embark on a Sonic Revolution with Rod212: Introducing His Latest Single ‘Wind It’ on the playlist.

Step into the dynamic world of Rod212, a visionary pioneer who is reshaping the musical landscape with his groundbreaking approach. His musical masterpieces intricately intertwine a captivating fusion of enchanting verses, irresistible rhythms, and unreserved emotion. By dismantling the boundaries of convention, Rod212 effortlessly blends the authentic essence of Hip Hop with the captivating allure of R&B, resulting in a sonic voyage that stands as a genuinely revolutionary force.


The new single ‘Wind it’ by ‘Rod212’ is now on the A-List Playlist + will be played as a special POWERPLAY at 3 PM SA time every afternoon for a month or more.

Reflecting the unadulterated spirit of his time, Rod212’s sharp and clever lyrics, combined with his pulsating yet concise compositions, deeply resonate with a worldwide audience. With an impressive track record that boasts over one million streams on Spotify, this unwavering phenomenon is leaving a lasting impact on the music scene that won’t fade.

Allow us to introduce you to “Wind it,” the freshest single by Rod212, which perfectly showcases his pioneering sound.