Unleashing Shivor’s Catchy Vocals and Impressive Rap Skills in “O Thats It” on the playlist.

The head of music for Bafana FM Digital Africa said that she loved the new single ‘O Thats It’ from ‘Shivor’ and has placed it on the A-List playlist.

Shivor’s magnetic presence shines through in “O Thats It,” an irresistible hip hop, trap, and rap anthem. The track pulses with solid hip-hop beats, accompanied by an atmospheric production that creates an aura of unstoppable energy. Mysterious synths weave through the song, enhancing its allure. Shivor’s strong and charismatic female vocals demand attention, effortlessly blending catchy hooks with masterful rap delivery. “O Thats It” showcases Shivor’s undeniable talent and leaves a lasting impression of her unstoppable prowess in the music industry.

Listen out for this powerful tune on the playlist day and night + as a special daily POWERPLAY at approx 6:30 PM SA Time for a month or more.

Shivor, a gifted artist hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina, who brings a refreshing and unique blend of hip hop and R&B to the music scene. Embarking on her musical journey in 2020, Shivor delved into the world of piano and voice, and soon found herself collaborating with various producers in the studio.

Staying true to her authentic self, Shivor strives to create music that genuinely reflects her identity as an artist. Collaborating with talented individuals like King Sungi on her previous single, “What You Hatin’ For,” she not only showcases her artistic prowess but also spreads positivity and inspires change in the world.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Shivor actively contributes to her community by partnering with organizations like Samaritan House and engaging in local community services. Her dedication to making a difference shapes the way her music is produced and allows her to leave a lasting impact on those around her.

Shivor’s musical vision revolves around empowering women with confidence, reminding them of their inherent strength. Furthermore, she seeks to challenge the notion that sensuality and being sexy is equated with negativity, instead embracing the idea that it can be a beautiful expression of self.

In summary, Shivor is an exceptionally talented artist from North Carolina, whose original sound in the hip hop and R&B genres captivates listeners while promoting positive messages of empowerment and self-acceptance.