Durban Singer Songwriter Nicholas Arumugam Releases Powerful Cover of Harry Styles Falling. Now added to Bafana FM. Watch the music Video

Durban-born Nicholas Arumugam has been releasing a slew of singles consecutively since 2020, honing his style and skills and taking his time for each song to be embraced in the right way.

His brand new release is his first cover and is poignant and inspiring.

Nicholas covers the Harry Styles single ‘Falling’ with prowess.

“Falling has been on my playlist for some time now, I kept going back to it. Maybe because it is so relatable to me. This is the song I chose to cover because the mood of the song is so different from any other song out there.

It has meaning to it. Those meanings are that actions cannot be undone and that sometimes bad choices can bring you down.”

The inspiration behind the music video was taken from the lyric & quote “And I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again”. He has realized that he has reached a new low in his life and he is sad about what he has lost. She’s in the studio processing through dance what has happened. She’s done with him and he has now realized that his actions are permanent and there’s no going back and he is in deep regret.

The video was beautifully directed & filmed by Zac Harris & Danced by Tiffany Retallick, produced & recorded by Andrew Sutton and mastered by Wil Borza. WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO BELOW

Out now on all streaming platforms. Tune into Bafana FM to catch the track live on the Digital Voice Of Africa.