Luca Draccar Set To Release His Much Anticipated EP “Neo Noir Plaisir” on November 15th

Prepare to have a vibe this November 5th as he gears up to release his EP “Neo Noir Plaisir”

If EDM is known for anything, it is for generating emotionally powerful tunes that can be felt by audiences all around the world. Over the last few years, the genre has witnessed tremendous growth in the guise of some great and everlasting tracks provided by a select few. Luca Draccar has stormed into the music market invincibly, applying his high-demand talents to create tunes that are a celebration of pleasure and trance through the eyes of contemporary production.

For years, Luca Draccar has been identi ed with high-quality beats at the forefront of the Techno Music scene and at the top of playlists all over the world – and his new EP “Neo Noir Plaisir” is yet another important milestone in his career. Good speakers are advised because “Neo Noir Plaisir” is a gorgeous journey to escapism that should be enjoyed at maximum volume. Beginning with conventional Trance components and captivating sound design, push the auditory sensibilities to turn up the volume and explore into the ocean of creative ecstasy. The fascinating presentation of this EP by the Berlin-based music producer has made things very intense.

The EP’s underlying premise is dark, and it is a serious exhibition of musical exibility, artistic
integrity, and style in which he considers each song as a dynamic feeling ready to strike the proper notes of audience appreciation. As thought-provoking as it is enjoyable – Luca Draccar puts his strength and resilience in the
spotlight and con rms that no matter what stands in his way, nothing will stop him on his way to the very top – “Neo Noir Plaisir” is a testament to the triumphs of his determination as an artist, his next-level skills as a producer and a genuine statement EP in his catalog lled with an undeniably dynamically melodic and atmospheric ambiance.

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