JCraig Releases Groundbreaking Music’NEEDYOUSOBAD,’ exploring Essential HumanUrge for Relationship Bonds on the playlist.

In an era characterized by fleeting desires, one visionary artist fearlessly plunges into the depths of the human experience with the mesmerizing release of “NEEDYOUSOBAD.” JCraig, the versatile artist and musician, delves into the concept of indispensability within all relationships, casting illumination on the intrinsic requirement for interpersonal bonds.


“NEEDYOUSOBAD” by ‘JCraig’ is now on the A-List Playlist and will also be played as a special POWERPLAY at 4:45 PM SA time every day for a month or more.

More than a mere catchy melody, the single “NEEDYOUSOBAD” embarks on an emotionally charged expedition into the human psyche and our inborn yearning for companionship, camaraderie, and attachment. JCraig delves profoundly into the notion that necessity emerges as a potent instinct, transcending beyond mere whims and preferences. Spanning from familial ties to friendships and romantic involvements, “NEEDYOUSOBAD” resonates universally, touching the hearts of diverse audiences.

Originating in the heart of High Point, North Carolina—a hub of furniture craftsmanship—JCraig’s musical odyssey commenced within the tapestry of his family’s rich heritage in the church. Nurtured by his father’s ministry and influenced by his artistically gifted family, JCraig’s ardor for music ignited. Introduced to instruments at a tender age, he swiftly honed his craft, evolving into an accomplished bassist and vocalist.

JCraig’s musical voyage traversed from New York to Los Angeles, where he crossed paths with titans of the music industry. Collaborating with legendary luminaries, he imbibed the essence of diverse musical genres, seamlessly weaving this reservoir of knowledge into his contemporary sound. This synthesis was enriched by the teachings and techniques inherited from luminaries such as Dr. Clyde Criner, a world-renowned jazz virtuoso and educator.

With a blossoming career, JCraig unfurled multiple albums that entranced audiences through his distinct amalgamation of soul-stirring melodies and contemplative verses. Despite tribulations and setbacks, his dedication to music remained unwavering, propelling him to continually redefine the parameters of his artistic expression.

“NEEDYOUSOBAD” emerges as the crown jewel in JCraig’s discography, poised to enrapture global music aficionados with its profound narrative and unparalleled musicianship.






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