Gospel Newcomer Bulelani Ndebele is fast tracking his way to be the next gospel star

Now Playlisted on The Digital Voice of Africa

One listen to Bulelani and Your Blood has gone straight to the high rotation digital playlist. Soaring vocals, uplifting choruses and incredible production showcase gospel newcomer Bulelani Ndebele’s debut album God’s Relentless Love. His album was launched to a unique crew of gospel fans who had a joyous time. Gospel News filmed the launch – which you can watch below


Bulelani Ndebele is a young and vibrant 29-year-old guy who hails from Bulawayo, City of kings, Zimbabwe. After years of dreaming and an insatiable love and passion for music, he has released a debut gospel album that can only be described as a true gift from God. Described as an exemplary and stunning introduction into the gospel music scene, this is just the beginning for Bulelani.

The first single off God’s Relentless Love is the uplifting and anthemic ‘Your Blood’, a song that will get under your skin, into your hearts and never leave. Like musical stigmata, ‘Your Blood’ is a revolutionary entrance into the gospel scene and marks the introduction of a true talent.

Bulelani notes – “In a church service at New life for all fellowship held on the 13th of March 2005, I surrendered my life to Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. I believe this was a pivotal moment in my life. I realized from that day, nearly 14 years ago, until today how God’s love has been so relentless towards me regardless of the wrongs I have done in the past and maybe yet to do in the future. Hence the title of the album, God’s Relentless Love.

“I wrote the single, ‘’Your Blood’’ echoing God’s love towards me on the cross, he bled for my sins and this song is an anthem of gratitude to Jesus for this selfless act of love towards me. It was in the latter stages of my high school, at about 17 years old, that a seed for the love of songwriting germinated. I would pick up the keyboard and lose track of time in praise and worship”.

In 2012, he moved to Durban South Africa at the end of his high school studies to seek tertiary education in the discipline of Civil engineering.

During my tertiary studies our classes were next to the music classes which re ignited my love for music and songwriting, even though I was studying engineering I was surrounded by musical sounds. I was quite involved in the university youth empowerment groups and the church worship team, at this point I had picked up a guitar that I would carry around campus to strum and compose songs whenever an opportunity presented itself or during class breaks. It was during the university phase that I met a lot of people from different walks of life, including my wife Londeka Ximba whom I met in class. I got the degree and her in one setting and I am eternally grateful for God’s gift, she has and continues to be a blessing in my life”.

Bulelani got married in 2018 two years after graduating with a BSc Civil Engineering degree, after completing his master’s in civil engineering in 2019 he opened an independent engineering utilities company.

Bulelani thinks back on 2020 and how it shaped ‘God’s Eternal Love’

In 2020, during the lockdown and pandemic, I believe this period reminded me more of the ministry of songwriting and melodies I carry on the inside to encourage myself and others, bringing healing and hope to point us back to looking to the Lord for the source of our joy and emotional healing. I also began to realize that I needed God’s love, peace and joy during this period and hope the message in the music gives hope to those who may be feeling down and on the brink of giving up due to world systems having been completely shaken, jobs lost and family members lost.

The music I have written during this period and some in the past 10 years were still humming in my head and heart with much more intensity to record them. I therefore developed a keen interest in studio music and here we are today, ‘’Your Blood’’ single and God’s Relentless Love full album with an array of 10 songs written specifically with the intention to encourage, uplift and share God’s love. Glory to Jesus!”