Giving a glimpse of the consequences of not living in harmony with nature, ‘Wai Lana’ releases new video ‘She speaks sign language’

Creator, director, and host of “Wai Lana Yoga,” public TV’s longest-running fitness series, Wai Lana played a key role in helping ignite yoga’s mainstream popularity in the United States and around the world. Wai Lana’s shows feature original soundtracks which are soothing, relaxing, and at the same time upbeat and energizing. 

Inspired by and infused with timeless yoga wisdom, Wai Lana’s beautiful songs and music videos radiate with her warm heart and positivity. Entertaining and meditational, her fusion of mesmerizing music and captivating lyrics puts Wai Lana’s songs in a genre all their own. They are truly songs of the heart.

She Speaks Sign Language is a dynamic and upbeat song which pays tribute to our dependence on Mother Earth and gives a glimpse of the consequences of not living in harmony with nature. Set to mesmerizing electronic music, this unique music video is a visual masterpiece that showcases the stunning beauty and power of the planet we inhabit. Amongst the varied terrains, cultures, and histories, we’re all connected to Mother Earth.

She gives, she takes, she teaches. This life-changing year has allowed many of us to reflect upon what’s truly important. It’s also given our planet time to heal and restore.  We know that what we do makes a difference. Now it’s up to us to decide what kind of difference we want to make.


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