Cherry Amij Is Bringing the Upbeat Vibes to Bafana FM with the new Gospel Pop Single ‘Akuma’

Cherry Amij claims that everything including magic is possible with God on his new album ‘Here I Am,’ – bringing a new soulful, upbeat and exciting sound.

With this album Amij has one statement which is:” everything you think or imagine is possible with God”.

All 5 tracks on the album are written Cherry, and are sung in with a combination of mixed cultures of Congo and Mexico. Akuma Is the first main single release. While each song varies in tone and style, they all circle back to one truth: “Music has no boundaries”,

Mr. Pascal Bialufu, Amij’s new manager has high hopes for the success of the album. He said:” Music nowadays only focuses on being a good sound to the ears, but with here I am it’s all about uplifting the soul and reminding you of your identity. Amij dedicates this album to his mother and every person fighting for success against all odds.