AFRO POP SENSATION – Asah M – Releases an Ethereal and intoxicating song Fak ‘Imali – A song dedicated to women. “One of Our Top New Afro Pop Songs on Bafana FM”

Asah M releases her intoxicating, vibey and contagious new single Fak ‘Imali.  A neo-soul & house vocalist telling stories through music, Asah M is the unfolding intoxication of the journey into music.

Fak ‘imali was inspired by women in South Africa, many of whom are her friends. 

The song debuted on the Apple Music Mzansi Soul Playlist.

We live in a world where men feel almost entitled to demand all sorts of things from women without considering what we as women want. As I am born and bred in the Eastern Cape of South Africa , our culture has a courting process referenced in this song as “ lobola” which is basically a gesture of thanks to the people that bore the intended which comes from the future husband to be. In following this process, the suitor is then allowed to proceed to the next level with the respective partner and they are in turn culturally viewed as married now once the process is completed.

I am basically telling my suitor to stop leading me on, if he wants me and all that I am about, he needs to commit and take the necessary steps.

The main purpose of this song is for everyone in relationships to stop accepting less than they deserve,” says Asah on the inspiration behind the single.

The name is inspired by Asah, an almost ethereal being that just flows seamlessly through everything and has a discrete but undeniable presence that grows on you slowly, gradually, until you find yourself intoxicated and hooked. Hence the tag line unfolding intoxication.

“It is my wish to unfold your journey through music and keep you intoxicated and hooked to the melody of an ever-evolving narrative”.

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