Unbreakable artist R&BZOE has a powerful vision with hot new single “Talking to You.”

Unbreakable artist R&BZOE rises above with his new single “Talking to You.”

The “Talking to You” artist hopes to inspire, motivate, build self-confidence and encourage listeners with his latest single. Throughout life, facing extremely difficult obstacles everyday, R&BZOE has become an uplifting artist, altering all of the outcomes that can be achieved through self love and his faith in GOD. “Talking to You’ is undeniably a self-empower song listeners can feel with their whole heart and gain inner strength. Mastering control of his mind has not come easy, R&BZOE has tackled depression most of his life, facing extreme lows such as homelessness, and experiencing a life threatening injury.

Through his powerful vision and belief in GOD, his passion for achieving success in music has served as his resurgence. Through his own experiences in these uphill battles, and relations with others have been influential in R&BZOE’s creation of healing music and changing lives and perceptions of glasses “empty”. Traveling the world, performing and singing to others are in the future of R&BZOE ‘s plan to continue to manifest a magnetic field of self growth and love for oneself.

Press written by-trushiro.


Youtube – https://youtube.com/channel/UCrcxRCkdBAy0aooYX2h5V8g
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/6G1ZzbsXngVBqUszilhHmg?si=Rn4YgL0dRDmFxzuVygpDiQ