Turn Up the Volume: Sejoya’s Rap hit ‘Ya Know’ Hits the African Airwaves!

Sejoya’s ‘Ya Know’ exudes a cinematic suspense and sleek production that captivates from the start. With sexy beats and strong rap vocals boasting clever rhymes, the song becomes instantly addictive. The dark atmospheric synths and groovy swing add a cool and irresistible touch to this must-listen track.


‘Ya Know’ from Sejoya is now on the daily A-List playlist + will also be played as a special RAP POWERPLAY at 4:45 PM SA time for a month or more.

Announcing the latest drop from the incredibly talented Sejoya, hailing from the vibrant Bay Area – her brand new single is out now! Get ready to be blown away as she takes the entertainment industry by storm with her highly anticipated rap anthem, “Ya Know.”

With “Ya Know,” Sejoya is set to redefine the game, showcasing her mesmerizing vocals, potent lyrical prowess, and undeniably urban model looks. This track is an absolute must-add to your playlist, so don’t miss out on the musical journey she has crafted for you! Grab it now and experience the magic of Sejoya’s artistry.

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