The Berlin-based maestro Luca Draccar unleashes another epic EP ‘Soul Grabber’

The Berlin-based maestro of shining underground music unleashes another epic collection of seductive rhythms and arrangements called Soul Grabber. Luca Draccar is known for his “rubbery, futuristic, and sticky tendencies” when it comes to sound. His musical agility rises to new heights with Soul Grabber.

Soul Grabber is comprised of five tracks.
Each composition opens the door to another dimension. The title’s organic terrain is warm and very imaginative. Luca Draccar is known to explore both personal and issues affecting society through the voice of electronic dance music and techno. Soul Grabber’s unique synthesis of both acoustic and digital worlds inspires an international vibe.

Luca Draccar engineers a pulse-driven synergy that is soothing to pour souls. Many of these arrangements are perfectly executed in tracks like the beat-driven Open and the final track on the EP, a remix for The Rest Is Noise. Ultimately, Soul Grabber is a remarkable concept that you will draw you into its dimension over and over again.

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Photos provided by @simona.minamalmag