Teasley – Way Back – On the Juicy Jukebox now

No party playlist is complete without Teasley. The multi-talented progressive Pop/R&B singer writes songs that embody a laid-back California vibe. Think Chris Brown on a beach– all you want to do is dance and tan.

Born Josh Teasley the Oakland-raised crooner specializes in infectious summer-inspired dance tracks.

Teasley’s debut EP Feeling Better was co-produced by EDM trio Cheat Codes and featured hit track “Hit It” that reached over 1 million streams and received support from National Italian Radio.

The accompanying music video for “Hit It” was sponsored by Red Bull and reached the top 10 on MTV dance charts.

Teasley funded his early music endeavors by booking spring break trips for students each year while attending school at the University of Missouri-Columbia. A 4-year period that in his words “confirmed the pointlessness of living a life you need a vacation from.”

Teasley draws inspiration from the chill coastal lifestyle. Whether on the beach or in the gym, Teasley gives off good vibes and summertime.

His soul-and-sun voice makes for a “soundtrack to a good life ” as he explains.

Way Back Cover Art NEW

The Brand new single from ‘Teasley’ is entitled ‘Way Back’ and is out now on Teasley Music.