Still on My Mind – Dido

Pop music feels a lot different in tone, sound, and message in 2019 than when Dido last released an album (2013’s Girl Who Got Away). As the “Thank You” and ”White Flag” hitmaker re-enters a crowded pop field after six years, she too has experienced profound change—shunning the spotlight to care for and bond with her son. Still on My Mind is filled with warm and patient sketches of life and feelings, bearing confidence and wisdom. Her voice remains flawless and easily identifiable, just as you remember her. And with her brother and longtime producer Rollo Armstrong (Faithless) back in the fold, songs like “Hurricanes,” “You Don’t Need a God,” and “Mad Love” have a sturdy spine. “Give You Up” and “Friends” mirror the mindset of a woman firewalking through bad relationships and emerging scarred but stronger. Dido closes the album with a terrific tribute to her son, “Have to Stay,” which should be used in birthday slideshows henceforth.