Sons of New York release New Album entitled ‘American Dream’

Sons of New York is singer/songwriter Roger Campo’s band project and third album. The music is a modern blend of Americana, Roots Rock and Soul, fused with contemporary and relevant lyrics. The album was produced by Bill Lefler, who has produced Ingrid Michaelson, Cary Brothers, Matthew Mayfield and Peter Katz, to name a few. The entire album was recorded at Lefler’s Los Angeles studio, utilizing some of L.A.’s most talented musicians, including Philip Krohnengold (piano and organ) and Daniel Rhine (bass) from Sara Bareilles’ Band and Dave Eggar on strings (that cello solo at the beginning of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida is Dave).

Focus Tracks:

I Don’t Know Nothing – Roger notes that from the day he wrote it, there’s always been something very familiar about the song. “It’s as if the song has been with me my whole life. Even when we recorded it, I remember that very first take was pretty damn good. It was effortless, as if the song told the musicians exactly what to play and where to go with it.”

Magic Hour – “If you can refer to a song as farm to table, not in the sense of the instrumentation or the recording process, but just from the standpoint of simple, organic and honest songwriting, then Magic Hour is the most organic song I’ve ever written. For many months after I wrote it, I would feel the urge to sit at the piano and sing it. It made me feel better when I did. To me, there’s something timeless and emotionally recognizable about this song – something about the refuge of home and the love for those with whom you share it.”

American Dream – The title track with echoes of Mellencamp, Springsteen and Woody Guthrie’s This Land Is Your Land is a blue-collar folk anthem and Country Rock rave-up all in one. It wades into the current socio-economic and political climate, asking tough questions and giving voice to the working and middle class along the way. It expresses the resiliency of the American spirit as it stands today and examines whether the American Dream is still attainable, or even a realistic possibility at all.

Track Listing:

1. American Dream
2. I Don’t Know Nothing
3. Magic Hour
4. Something Soft
5. Sisters Start Your Own Damn Church
6. Love Is The Answer
7. Jesus Was a Person of Color
8. Juliet
9. We Could Be Cowboys
10. Sons of New York
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