Scottish Producer Pools Extensive Experience To Launch His New Album

Reole, with jazz and the Creole of his youth in Louisiana at his roots, likes to keep it real for his jazzy, soulful and funky productions by discovering underground singer songwriters to complete his unique sound of digital processing, using tubes and valves and his own secret ingredients.


The in-house producer for audio company Zendell, who create TV commercials for clients including Sony, Suzuki, Yahoo and FIFA, has sought underground singers and songwriters to bring texture and flavour to tracks on his forthcoming album.

reole_standReole, a Scottish music producer who lived for a short time in New Zealand, takes his name from Creole, a music style based on folk, which originated in his childhood New Orleans in the 18th Century.

Born in Scotland and raised in New Orleans, Reole started his musical life playing brass in the Mardi Gras parades. Reole then joined Ritchie Ruftone on pirate radio and today he produces for Ruftone, who has won both the UK DMC Championships and UK Battle for World Supremacy heats two years running Reole is cutting vinyl to prepare Ruftone to defend his title this year at the O2 in Greenwich.


In March 2013, Reole unleashed his first album Ya Heard Me, which spread across the US and mainland Europe, as a project while producing TV commercials for Zendell.

Reole provided drums, programming and mixing alongside top musicians; bassist Geoff Gascoyne, brass player Ed Jones and vocalist Bridge Fazio to promote the new Sony Vivid E Series laptop.

Drawing on the ingredients of a popular dish from his childhood in Louisiana, gumbo soup, Reole believes some underground singer-songwriters deserve their space out there. He says his music is about “keeping it real,” and he says, “the music doesn’t get caked up in digital processing. I thrive off sending everything through valves and tubes.”


Reole gives vocals his secret ingredient and wants to let his music do the talking.

Although his main backbone is jazz, Reole feels music is music as, he says, “it can’t be pushed onto anyone, you either like it or you don’t.”

His forthcoming album ‘Hear Come the Drums’ is soulful, funky, jazzy and eclectic and will be released worldwide on 29 September 2014 on Anjou Banjo Recordings.