Oakland Singer-Songwriter MIGHTY QUINN to Release Debut Punk Album MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN

OAKLAND, CA, USA, October 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A singer and songwriter most famous for his work on the television show Scrubs, MIGHTY QUINN (aka Quinn Walker) grew up playing Rock, Funk, Soul, and Gospel, and he presently writes music and plays shows with his live Punk band, set to release their self-titled debut album MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN in stores and online worldwide November 2, 2018. The album will also be available as a Vinyl LP, and in true Punk fashion includes a ton of leftist political messages about social justice mixed with classic upbeat tunes about love, loss, addiction, depression, and a few pirate references.

MIGHTY QUINN & The Oakland Ronin will be performing together to celebrate the release of their debut album at The Uptown in Oakland, CA on November 2, 2018. In addition to the self-titled LP of originals, MIGHTY QUINN & The Oakland Ronin will be dropping digital releases of 10 different cover songs in the coming months – Punk versions of classic 60’s tunes like “Be My Baby,” “Runaround Sue,” “You Don’t Own Me,” and more.

In 2009, MIGHTY QUINN had his first big break as a solo artist with his debut single “My Road,” produced by Brian White and featured on the ABC television show Scrubs. Quinn followed this up in 2010 with his My Road EP. Since then, MIGHTY QUINN has been at work with Steve Wyreman (Common, Logic, Vince Staples, Rihanna, Richard Ashcroft), a guitar wizard and longtime friend who inspired Quinn to go Punk and hire the young rockers Geoff Saba, Joel Davidson, and Andrew Muhoberc for the initial rotating lineup of MIGHTY QUINN & The Oakland Ronin. The word Ronin describes samurai warriors who did not follow a specific political lord – essentially, guns for hire in ancient Japan, much like the guns for hire situation of the band.

MIGHTY QUINN originally brought on Joel Davidson for his Young Ninjas EP in 2013, and they have since worked together with Geoff Saba on a variety of projects covering R&B, Trip-Hop, acoustic Soft Rock, Psychedelic Rock, and of course Punk. Andrew Muhoberc is a hardcore vegan punk artist from San Jose who has designed a lot of the band art and knew Geoff from local music circles. Together they recorded MIGHTY QUINN & THE OAKLAND RONIN at Secret Bathroom Studios in Oakland. Quinn has fond memories of the process, saying “the best part of recording was when we would sing/shout choruses together as a group, usually on a separate day than instruments, and with the assistance of alcohol.”

When Quinn Walker was in high school and college he dreamed of being a Funk/Soul bass player. He studied Jazz, Hip-hop, and R&B, and was trained by a great Gospel bass player in Oakland. However, in college Quinn developed a muscle disorder causing tendinitis and carpal tunnel in both arms and wrists, effectively ruining his performance career. Quinn was devastated, but learned to sing, produce, and teach music to keep his playing minimal. He never intended to be a singer, but with his ability to play an instrument taken away, he was able to focus his energies through new channels.

Unfortunately, health issues and injuries have been a huge part of Quinn’s life and career, keeping him in physical pain most of the time. Despite this, MIGHTY QUINN has worked as a librarian, teacher, landscaper/gardener, and many other jobs. Working at UC Berkeley and other locations teaching Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and yoga helps address his pain and disability issues, and he is passionate about helping others with the same.

Quinn studied music at UC Berkeley and recording engineering at Future Rhythm, where he met producer and long-time collaborator Brian Lee White. They first worked together in 2008 as engineer/producers on Exposed, a Gospel record by Tiffani Marie. With over 15 years in the industry, Brian White has worked with thousands of artists, labels, and corporate clients worldwide including Apl.de.ap (Black Eyed Peas), Kelly Rowland, Christina Milian, Jabbewockeez, and MIGHTY QUINN. Quinn introduced Brian to the talented composer Brian Trifon of Trifonic, and they formed the company Finishing Move Inc. Together they have worked with the SF and LA Symphonies on several occasions, and written and produced music for films and video game franchises including Halo, Massive Chalice, and Google Tilt Brush. In 2013, MIGHTY QUINN explored some darker sounds with the Young Ninjas EP and music video for his track “Fear,” featuring members of the UCB Wushu team. The years following saw Quinn working with Dan Petersen, Steve Pedersen, and Christian Lewis of indie band Evaline for the Open & Shut LP.

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