New York Record Label MVB RECORDS Signs Indie Hip Hop Artist La’Vega

Virtually still a teenager, Stephanie “La’Vega” Lavigat signed her first record deal with the artist development company MVB Entertainment Music Group, in 2013. She was fresh off the stoop of her Bronx apartment building, writing poems in her neighborhood, and posting snippets of unfinished songs on SoundCloud for her friends to listen to. What came after signing her record deal during the Summer of 2013 was nothing short of life changing.

After signing with MVBEMG during the Summer of 2013 La’Vega practically lived at Quad Recording Studios, in Manhattan. She was making music faster than any other artist that her former (and current) manager, Abdel “Sosa” Russell, said he had ever worked with. He was quoted as calling her, “the hardest working Hip Hop artist in New York”.

When the opportunity presented itself, Sosa wasted no time in reaching out to his former artist, saying that La’Vega is passionate, hard working, and talented. He even went as far as saying, “she has everything that all the other female Hip Hop artists of today has, plus more”. La’Vega signed a new deal with the popular New York indie record label MVB RECORDS in March of 2019. She is currently back at Quad Studios recording a ton of new music, and dieting to get ready for her first photo shoot which is scheduled in June.

Her fans will be happy to know that MVB RECORDS has re-released some of her most popular music, and they can find them on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and all other popular online music stores. It is also rumored that La’Vega will be releasing new music in June, but this information was neither confirmed nor denied by MVB RECORDS, or her manager, so we are not sure how true it is.

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