NEW TO THE BAFANA FM PLAYLIST: RNB Pop Star Jerusha Returns with the Uplifting Single and Music Video Love Will Get You Through

Sama Nominated South African Pop Rnb Singer Songwriter Jerusha has been a force in the music industry for many years, juggling her medical career, family life as well as her music career. Her previous recent single ‘Blesser’ saw her name re emerge in the local music industry and give her fans something exciting to look out for.

Now currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jerusha found her world turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in this she found the inspiration, hope and light to return to her first love – music.

Her brand new single ‘Love Will Get You Through’ is a glimmer of light in a dark time of the world.

The inspiration behind this single is my personal journey through real life as well as this troubled time of the COVID-19 pandemic and being on lockdown. It uses the analogy of a relationship as a metaphor for hope.

During lockdown I went through a personal low point and experienced feelings of depression and despair for obvious reasons. This made me want to turn to ways to find hope in despairing times. As an artist, my way of self-healing and discovering hope and inspiration for myself is to write about it and try to inspire it within my fans and through my music,” says Jerusha.

The concept of the video, which was created in Lockdown, is styled on Jerushas’ personal ‘diary’ in a scrapbook kind of journal style, filled with selfies, social media pics and more – a slice of life in Lockdown.  The entire video was conceptualized, created and edited during lockdown with the editor/director Nic Billington based in Durban and Jerusha in Malaysia.

Jerusha Lyric Video

The whole point of the song is to inspire hope in the viewer and listener, which is sorely needed right now. I also wanted the video to look as if it was based on real life footage, selfies and social media pics and posts – and that’s exactly what it was. During lockdown it was not possible to do a live shoot, so the concept of the video was to make it during lockdown, using my real life social media and home and casual in-studio video clips as the main material for the video”.

The release date for the single was June 16th commemorating Youth Day and inspiring the youth of South Africa towards which it is directed.

This single is a pre-release for the forthcoming album which will be released in 2020, at a date yet to be announced.

The new album is meant to inspire women to be independent.

This is just the beginning for Jerusha and she is adamant that music, as it always has, will bring her closer to her meaning and inspire others in a time when the world needs love more than anything.

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