Juicy Jukebox plays Madam Voodoo’s new song “Rise”

Madam Voodoo consists of Cass, 7even and Dr G, whose influences stem from electronica from 1990s including psychedelic trance (psytrance), grunge and punk.

Rise-Single-Artwork-onlineOne of lead vocalist Cass’s earliest memories is using her grandparent’s dining table as a stage for her rendition of ‘Tits and Ass” from the musical A Chorus Line.


In the early 2000’s Cass became a pioneer of the Melbourne shuffle after her all-consuming love of dance and trance music drew her into the emerging underground rave scene.

Songwriter 7Even draws inspiration from the depths of his social conscience to create lyrics and melodies that bring Madam Voodoo’s songs vividly to life.

Dr G previously featured in the down-tempo trip hop duo Aventine and, in the late 90s, appeared in a Coke ad shot from a helicopter above the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Madam Voodoo’s sound, a thumping electronic music with a strong pop sensibility, is composed, recorded and mixed in their own studio.

The new single “Rise” has already been play-listed on Australia’s Triple J, Matchbox Radio 24, Pop Shop FM, London FM, Radio ZA Africa and Discover80s.fm.

The song was described by Noise Porn Magazine at the Miami Winter Music Conference as an “exciting and explosive track with a hook that will permeate your festival days”.

Madam Voodoo’s single “Rise” will be released on 30 March on Matchbox Recordings via Universal Music Operations and includes dance remixes from Hed Kandi’s Mikey Gallagher.

See Rise on YouTube now: