Juicy Jukebox plays In Love With Life by Hip Hop act Vocaliz

An artist, poet, musician and international soul-traveller called Vocaliz releases his latest single In Love With Life. Born in Cameroon and based in Brooklyn, New York, Vocaliz uses Hip Hop to deliver his message about finding positives and revealing hidden truths.

In Love With Life Vocaliz artworkVocaliz has been song-writing since his early teens and says: “My voice is the only instrument that I have been using since I started writing songs,” therefore his name comes from the word ‘vocal’.

Vocaliz is solo but collaborates with many different artists such as Ghanain producer Afana, with whom he released an album called The Painful Healing in 2009. The album’s lead single Under The Sun received substantial airplay in Cyprus.

Vocaliz began his performance career in Cyprus, working his way from underground clubs to beach festivals. He then worked with multi-platinum producer Rheji Burrell who has produced P.Diddy, Heavy D, Krs-One and Total among others.

The pursuit of happiness is the inspiration for Vocaliz’s music as he believes this is how humans can learn to experience joy in life. He says: “The older we get the more we realize that we want something that will make us fulfill every single day and make us feel at the right place in this crazy world. The joy I feel when I finish writing a song is an amazing feeling or when you perform in front of people and after the show they tell you how much they enjoyed your songs and your performance”.

Vocaliz moves effortlessly from intense rap to smooth reggae soul as, he says, “the voice is the first instrument. That’s the main weapon.”

Vocaliz’s influences include The Roots, Fugees, Outkast, Nas and Common, the soul and r ‘n’ b of the 90s, including such masters as D’Angelo, Q-Tip and goings on in the world around him.

He says: “I believe that every single instrumental comes with the lyrics incorporated in it, you just have to find a way to emotionally connect with it and find the topic or theme that perfectly goes with it”.

Vocaliz has released a new single and video for In Love With Life, a song about gratitude, happiness and still having fun even when things are going wrong. The single is released worldwide.