‘Joel Edwards’ is Futuretone 72 who’s song ‘Be my Melody’ is current being used for a Macdonald’s global advertising campaign. Find out more by watching Episode 2 of the fantastic series #THAMESTIMES

The brand new single from ‘The Caligaris’ is entitled ‘Circles’ and is out now on Ginger and Pickles Productions.

To support the release ‘The Caligaris’ are producing and presenting a monthly series of short films about their exciting studio and boat life-work blend and surviving in an ever-changing music industry.

#THAMESTIMES will also be broadcast as a weekly Radio Show on London FM Digital every Thursday at 7 p.m.

Who are the Caligaris ?

The Caligaris consist of Russell and Louise Caligari. The format of the films are 10 minute shows about their boat adventures to numerous destinations, food, culture, guest chats, unplugged performances, interviews, world issues and much more.

Aston Microphones are sponsoring the series so make sure to look out for updates on their social media platforms. You can also read an interview with The Caligaris on their official website.

London FM Digital are very happy to announce that we are also broadcasting and hosting the entire #thamestimes series and are excited to announce the second episode.

In the second episode Russell and Louise talk to Edwards and Young.

Joel Edwards is Futuretone 72 who’s song ‘Be my Melody’ is current being used for a Macdonald’s global advertising campaign.

‘The Caligaris’ film production company produced a video for his newest release which is a cover of Post Malone’s ’Sunflower’. Joel Edwards was also a number one selling artist in ‘Deepest Blue’ and as the singer of Planet Funk.
He also has made remixes for The Caligaris single ‘Circles’ and their impending dance single ‘Fun Bus’ on Rubicon recordings under the moniker TrAmHeD.

James Young is an innovator and engineer. The CEO at Aston Microphones he has had experience launching audio products globally.

James Young talks about the music industry and how to best use social media in episode 2 of the #THAMESTIMES series.

A longer unedited version of the interview from Episode 2 of #THAMESTIMES will be made available.



‘The Caligaris’ will be doing a special link to an elephant sanctuary in South Africa where they will be talking to artist and music promoter, Dale Olivier.

The Caligaris’ will be talking about the plight of the elephant as it faces extinction and also discussing music promotion, social media and the music industry in the modern age.

Stay Tuned for more exclusive series dates, topic and guest announcements.


‘The Caligaris’ are primarily filmmakers. However these artists have music in their DNA.

Swaddled in sound from birth they return to it like Will o the Wisp hypnotised by the light.  The Caligaris songs are written and recorded from their home, a boat on the river Thames.

Sounds from this remote location often audible in the background of their recordings transport you directly to them. Although both classically trained they submit to their infatuation with simplicity.  As they continue this rebellion they tend to choose amplification electronics and distortion to magnify emotional intent.

Most of the tracks are drawn at a computer, a piano or a guitar and are then painted in with their musical collaborators.

Declaring In their own words “It feels like our songs are written subconsciously. Our lifestyle feeds our creativity which feeds our daily life’”.

When they are not making film or music, The Caligaris can be found in hysterics playing chess or doodling around.