Jfons’ “Can I Get a Minute” Hits The Playlist – An Anthem for Love and Longing.

Dive into the enchanting world of “Can I Get a Minute” as Jfons’ melodic prowess meets classic R&B influences. The song’s warm and catchy appeal will leave you wanting more.


“Can I Get a Minute” by Jfons is now on the daily A-List playlist + Listen out for a special Radio interview with Jfons himself at 5:45 PM SA time every evening for a month or more.

Loganville, Georgia In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented artist, Jfons, whose single ‘Can I Get a Minute’ has been making waves in the music industry. Hailing from the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, Jfons revealed how music has always been an integral part of his life, starting with his grandmother’s background in singing for the legendary Mahalia Jackson.

“I was born into it,” Jfons shared, “my grandmother’s passion for music seeped into my veins, and from the young age of seven, I found myself playing the piano and writing lyrics. Music brought my family closer during special events and holidays.”

When asked about his major musical influences, Jfons mentioned the likes of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Ronnie Milsap, Lionel Richie, and the Hawkins family, especially Edwin Hawkins. These artists have left an indelible mark on his musical journey, shaping his style and approach to music-making.

jfons · Can I Get A Minute – Final Master (3).mp3

Regarding the recording process, Jfons doesn’t confine himself to one place. He shared, “I don’t really have any designated place; I’ve recorded my music in Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana.” This willingness to adapt and explore new environments is evident in the diverse elements present in his single ‘Can I Get a Minute.’

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Jfons revealed, “The song ‘Can I Get a Minute’ blends different styles like Hip Hop, street beats, R&B, and a swag of party hype. It’s about a guy just asking a female he sees mostly every day if he can get a minute of her time.” The catchy tune reflects his ability to mix various musical genres seamlessly.

As for potential alive or dead collaborations, Jfons expressed his excitement about working with artists like the late Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Steve Perry, hip hop sensations Drake and LL Cool J, and Ludacris. These potential partnerships are a testament to his broad musical taste and open-mindedness.

Jfons’ journey in the music industry has seen some notable successes, including singing at the iconic Apollo Theater and performing with the group Foru2see in Las Vegas. He also crossed paths with music industry veteran Lou Pearlman of the Backstreet Boys during his time in Cleveland, Ohio, and had the opportunity to connect with artists like the Rude Boys and Gerald Levert.

When it comes to distributing his music, Jfons has made his songs accessible to fans worldwide. His music can be found on various platforms, including SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Music, and DistroKid.

For aspiring artists, Jfons had some valuable advice to share. “Never be afraid to try new music ideas,” he urged. “Don’t limit yourself to one lane of music, and most importantly, never give up on your dreams. Always put your creativity first.”

Jfons’ dedication to exploring diverse musical styles and his willingness to evolve as an artist have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping the unique sound of ‘Can I Get a Minute.’ With influences from legendary artists and a passion for creative expression, Jfons is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene. His single ‘Can I Get a Minute’ is not only a testament to his talent but also a reflection of his boundless potential as an artist. As his journey unfolds, music enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the next chapter in the story of Jfons.

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