From Taipei to the World: Rowens’ ‘Purple Red Rose’ Echoes Love’s Resilience on the playlist

We are pleased to announce that the haunting, distinctive and melodic new single ‘Purple Red Rose’ from ‘Rowens’ is now on the Daily A-List Playlist. Hear it day and night on the playlist + it will also be played as a special INDIE ROCK POWERPLAY at 5:15 PM SA time to start your night for the next month.

´紫紅色玫瑰”(Purple Red Rose) is a romantic song dedicated to every soul longing for love and being loved, composed by 旋林Rowens. The lyrics portray various aspects of love through red and purple roses: Only by bravely expressing one’s passion can the fiery red rose’s brilliance be ignited; only by keeping the promises made can elegant purple roses symbolize their commitment. May all lovers in the world plant beautiful and resilient purple red roses in each other’s hearts.

This song was arranged separately by 旋林Rowens(GT & bass) and Jeff(drums & organ), in their respective rooms. Jeff’s serene yet passionate drum beats provide a solid foundation for the song, while Rowens plays guitar and bass upon the rhythm. The addition of Jeff’s organ adds a layer of mysterious atmosphere to the song.

The song’s structure follows an “Intro-A-B-Interlude-A-B-C-Outro” pattern. Apart from employing rhyme schemes in the lyrics, the guitar outro echoes the intro and interlude, reflecting Rowens’ penchant for symmetry. The uncommon use of hi-hat beats in the C section creates a dynamic feeling reminiscent of a duet ballet in the perfumed rain, inspiring everyone to sway freely to the music and rhythm.

Everyone is invited to create their own purple red memories accompanied by this song.

旋林Rowens is a singer-songwriter from Taipei, Taiwan. He likes to chant his own stories while riding against the wind, using notes and words to record the traces of his life.

Rowens is the plural form of ‘rowen’, a second growth of grass or hay in one season, which signifies the renaissance after death. 旋林Rowens expect himself to keep an uninterrupted enthusiasm for life.

旋林Rowens’ dreamland is a lush forest of melodies.

A lifetime telecaster lover.



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