From Colorado to the Daily A-List: Milk N’ Fox’s ‘Nye Beach’ Storms the Bafana FM Airwaves with Alt-Rock Mastery

We’re thrilled to share that ‘Nye Beach,’ the electrifying new single by Milk N’ Fox, has landed on the Daily A-List Playlist. Tune in to experience this commanding alternative rock track, featuring infectious vocals, a cool groove, and blistering guitars. Catch it on repeat throughout the day and get ready for a month-long ROCK POWERPLAY! at 5:15 PM SA time to get your night going every night for the next month.

Hailing from Colorado, Milk N’ Fox is an American rock band crafting original music with irresistibly good vibes. With a four-piece lineup, they’re dropping singles and currently working on a full album in Seattle, WA. Bringing the essence of alt-rock from the 90s, 2000s, and today, their tracks are available on major streaming platforms and their website for downloads.

Milk N’ Fox (