Feel the Rhythm of Belief: Forchap Vitalis Presents ‘Wear Your Faith’ now a Bafana FM Daily Powerplay

We are pleased to announce that the uplifting new single ‘Wear Your Faith’ from ‘Forchap Vitalis‘ will be played every day as a special INSPIRATIONAL POWERPLAY at 10 AM SA time every morning for the next month.

‘Wear Your Faith’ emerges as the latest inspirational single from Forchap Vitalis, an esteemed gospel and inspirational artist. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Vitalis Forchap, originally from Cameroon and now a proud citizen of the United States, passionately delivers messages of hope through his music.

His repertoire predominantly comprises gospel songs, aiming to uplift and inspire audiences. With a substantial presence on YouTube, Forchap Vitalis has shared numerous tracks through his channel, inviting listeners to experience the power of his musical expressions.

His incredible new single is a 3-minute piece titled ‘Wear Your Faith’ and is available on his YouTube playlist named “Forchap Vitalis – Gospel Songs – Mix.” Vitalis Forchap invites individuals to immerse themselves in its uplifting melodies and profound message.