Family Portrait – Ross from Friends

U.K. lo-fi house producer Felix Weatherall (aka Ross from Friends) offsets his blown-out production style with an emotive ear for melody. Hailing from Colchester, Weatherall went through several bands and solo projects — including a stint with dubstep under the name Munching Beans — before settling on Ross from Friends. He first appeared online using the moniker in 2015, sharing the track “Talk to Me You’ll Understand” via SoundCloud. The track garnered a lot of attention, spurring Weatherall to release the Alex Brown EP shortly afterward. He set up his own label, Breaker Breaker, to release the EP, although his breakthrough track wasn’t included on it. In late 2016, Weatherall officially released “Talk to Me You’ll Understand” after signing to the Lobster Theremin offshoot Distant Hawaii. As Weatherall’s career took off, he began to focus on his live performances, recruiting two friends to help dismantle his tracks and perform on various instruments throughout, splitting the responsibility of guitars, keys, a saxophone, and Ableton between them. By mid-2017, Weatherall had released two more EPs, Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes on Lobster Theremin and The Outsiders on Lone’s label Magic Wire. Weatherall signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label in 2018, and his EP Aphelion appeared in April. ~ Liam Martin
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