Eugana Records Duo ‘Ana & Gene’ Rocks the Charts with Explosive Single ‘Narcissistic You’ – Bafana FM Digital A-List Playlist Favorite

We are thrilled to announce that the rocking and melodic new hit single ‘Narcissistic You’ from ‘Ana & Gene’ has secured a spot on our coveted Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for this new rock anthem every day on the playlist + it will be played daily as a special ROCK POWERPLAY at 7:30 PM South Africa Time, to rock your nights away for the next month or more.

Find out more about Anastacia Bella & Gene Roberts.

Anastacia Bella

Anastacia Bella is a new hot and upcoming artist who is going to make headway with her multi-talents. She was born too older parents in Chicago Illinois. She had a father who struggled with work, family and music life. Her father was a multi-talent as well who could sing, Write/Compose/Produce and play guitar. Starting at the age of 3 Anastacia’s father was teaching her how to sing and write Iryics. As she started getting older her father put her in music and acting classes at the age 5. When her father moved his family to Wisconsin. On her 7th birthday he put her on stage with him for the first time, to sing for all the veterans. As time went by her father had Anastacia singing with him at venues in Wisconsin until the age of 11.

Her family then moved back to Chicago Illinois because her father fell ill. Her father and her stopped performing because of his health issues. So, Anastacia was only performing in high school musicals and with a few local bands. She went on to college and was studying to get a degree in Music and Psychology. At that time family life then took over and she realized that she had to put her passions and dreams on hold. A bit later down the road she decided to get back into Acting and Singing. As she started working in the Independent Film Industry. She decided to work both sides of the coin and is Acting, Singing and working behind the scenes.

She is a Producer/Assistant Director/Casting Director/Art Director/Set Decorator/Assistant MUA. In the beginning of her career, she was working on a film project, that had to deal with the famous mobster AL Capone and his love for music. She told the Film Producer that she sings and writes music too. So, the Producer asked her to write a song for the film and to sing it in the movie. While she was in the process of writing her song and getting it together. The Producer was telling her how AL Capone wrote music too while being in jail. He then showed Anastacia copies of two music sheets that AL Capone supposedly wrote. The story goes that AL Capone wrote those songs for his beloved wife while being incarcerated.

But as Anastacia was reading the sheet music to both of the songs something felt off. To her the lyrics seemed to not match up and she felt that the lyrics where not about his wife Mae Capone. So she told the Producer that she felt that AL Capone did not write these songs. The Producer started to be very adamant with her that he did. That’s when she took it upon herself to go investigate the matter on her own. To prove to the Producer that her hunches were not wrong.

She did some very deep investigations and at times would hit a brick wall. But she was so determined to find out the truth of it all. After exactly one year to the date that she started looking. She finally found what she was looking for and it got her in the Boston Globe Newspaper on May 19, 2018. With the headlines saying “They finally got AL Capone for tax evasion. But what about Plagiarism”? Anastacia had exposed the famouse mobster AL Capone for Plagiarism. She achieved what no historian has ever done.

A lot of other historians have thought that he did write those songs. So, from this achievement it in turn has given her Celebrity status. A year later the Pandemic hit and then she met Pop Star Gene Roberts on Facebook. Anastacia Bella found out that they share a lot of the same qualities and talents. She views Pop Star Gene Roberts to have a very dynamic and unique way with his music. So, after conversing with each other they decided to get together. To form Eugana Records LLC and to wow the world with their music.

Gene Roberts

Gene Roberts is a well-known artist in the Music Industry making a huge comeback with his multi-Talents. Pop star Singer-Songwriter/Producer/Composer Gene Roberts grew up In the Bronx, New York. He started playing music at the age of seven years old. Gene became a fast learner and started to wow people with his creative talent. Then he started working with local bands, at the age of 13. A small record label called Saunder Records seen him perform and picked him up. Gene Roberts went on to record his first album with that label.

Some of his songs from that album had made radio airplay during that time. As time went on he then got picked up agian by a major label, called Mercury Records. During that time two singles of his where released by the Label. The one song called “The One You Love” made gold. With his newly found fame he was determined to become a household name. Later on he left Mercury Records to pursue his career with a different label called Val Records LLC. The owner of Val Records LLC, Virginia Ann Lomnicki also became Gene Roberts personal manager. In 2009 he made an album called “WaterRain” and that too went gold for him.

It went on various major radio stations like Power 105.1 Fm, Hot 97 and other radio stations. He also got the privilege to perform his hit songs live on the radio. For a radio DJ at the Bowery Poetry club in New York City. The three songs that went gold for him on that album are, “Your Undercover”, Is It Love, and Your The One. The song “Your The One” became a well-known jingle on t.v. Statewide. The Campbell’s soup company picked it up and used it in their Heart and Harty commercial for two years. His fame got him a chance to appear on the Dave Letterman show and the Apolo in Harlem. His career at that time started to take off even higher than ever. He then started to act in movies and played alongside famouse A-list actors like, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. That film was called “The Papers”.

Also he was acting on various television shows like “Law and Order” special victims unit. Blue Bloods and Daredevil just to name a few. In 2020 he left Val Records LLC/Val management to co-create Eugana Records LLC. During that time, he met Anastacia Bella and found out that they share a lot of the same passions. Gene Roberts thinks that Anastacia Bella has a very cool and edgy sense of music style. So, after some collaborating and expressing how they appreciate one another’s Singing/Writing abilities. They decided to partner up and show the world their unique flavor.