Devorah’s ‘Care for You’: An EDM Love Story You Won’t Stop Moving To on the playlist

We are pleased to announce that the sleek, melodic and infectious new single ‘Care for You’ from ‘Devorah’ is now on the Daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will also be played as a special ELECTROPOP POWERPLAY every day at 8 PM SA time for the next month.

Singer-songwriter, Devorah, is back with her lush and melodic Electropop sound in her new upbeat track, “Care for You.” The song debuted today across major streaming platforms and has already garnered praise across social media for the “captivating” hook, “I Care, I Care, I Care for You”, sung in Devorah’s “enchanting, soulful, and upbeat” style that invites listeners to feel what she feels about loving someone so much it makes you pray.

‘Care for You’ is a sublime pop serenade that beckons you into a dreamy reverie, all while enticing you to move to the rhythm, which is such an upbeat vibe,” said Devorah. Produced by renowned Armada Music producer ReOrder and record label, One Shoe Records, out of the UK, “Care for You” draws inspiration from the golden eras of the 80’s and 90’s.

According to the artist, the melody was composed in a way that feels like a harmonious embrace, transporting listeners to a place where nostalgia and affection intermingle. The inspiration was to make the song feel like an old photograph brimming with cherished memories, creating the quintessential love song set to an EDM beat. Throughout “Care for You” and her previous song releases, Devorah digs into the theme of portraying the profound emotion of truly caring for someone. Love, the singer said, is a complicated but beautiful feeling that ebbs and flows through many frequencies, sometimes finding lovers on the same plane, and other times not. “I like to play with the honesty of that in my music,” she said.

Synthesizers and keyboards in “Care for You” weave a tapestry of sound, while the heartbeat of a drum machine sets the rhythm, propelling listeners forward on an effervescent and infectious musical journey. “It’s soulful but catchy. You’ll find yourself humming it for days!” added Devorah. “And I’m glad, because it is a positive song full of beauty and emotion–a great accompaniment to your day.”

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