B+C Afro Releases Hook Afro House, Pop Dance Track ‘Life’ – Now added to Bafana FM Playlist.

B+C (Afro) is a musical project created to help unsigned and undiscovered artists to be heard. 

We are a group that consists of producers, DJs, musicians and songwriters from all walks of life and all types of genres.  So many talented musicians are out there that nobody will ever hear of which is such a waste but with this project, we have a platform on which to help them. 

This track speaks about life, and how we are given chances if we are only willing to take them.  Every goal starts with a dream.  For those who are listening and don’t hear the message, at least the song has a catchy tune and a great beat to go with it.

LIFE is now playlisted on Bafana FM. We showcase the best of African talent. Tune in to listen to LIFE and stream the single here.