Amsterdam Olympic Records’ ‘Rock This Off’ Unleashes Incredible Heartfelt Rock Anthem ‘Leave Me’ – A Rocking Ode to Love on the playlist.

We are pleased to announce that the stunning rock anthem ‘Leave Me’ from ‘Rock This Off’ is now on the daily A-List Playlist. Listen out for it night and day on the playlist + it will be played daily as a SPECIAL ROCK POWERPLAY at 8:30 PM SA time every night for the next month or more.

Amsterdam Olympic Records introduces a new collaborative rock project ‘Rock This Off’ with the single “Leave Me”, a song that harkens back to the days of classic rock radio.

Dutch virtuoso Cis Kroezen (Traudes) opens the tune on a mellow note as Natalia Nekare (The Voice, Argentina) steps to the mic with a heartbreaking warning for her lover. As it progresses, the track builds to an arena-worthy power ballad, including a shredding anthemic guitar solo.


Amsterdam Olympic Records