Amapiano artist EllieDurban has been added to the rotation. Tune in to hear the new single ‘YOU’

Hot Amapiano artist Elliedurban has been making waves with his music through social media platforms and has become somewhat of a TikTok star. Having dabbled in music from a very young age exploring a variety of different music genres, he has honed his style and skill.

YOU is his brand new single – a fan favourite track mixing the sounds of Amapiano with classic hip hop – creating a song you can dance to anywhere.

It’s a love song that will hit all the right spots. The song has been featured previously and adored by his 47k Tik Tok audience and has had over 13000 YouTube streams.

YOU is the follow-up to his album ‘Legendary Boyfriend’ which was released in 2021 and had over 7000 streams.

Elliedurban is at the cutting edge of mixing music and social media to boost his fanbase and embracing the new in both his sound and his social media creativity.

Tune in on listening link to hear the hit single